My name is Ben Roberts and I live in Seattle, Washington. I am a climbing guide, Unitarian Universalist, and concerned citizen.

This is an opinion blog. If you want facts, read a newspaper, a history
book, or a primary source. (Aside: if you cannot afford a newspaper
subscription, read it online. If you’re frustrated by their paywall, contact
me and I will help you bypass it in the cause of creating an informed public.
I still support people subscribing if they can)

Since these posts are my opinions, ask yourself what the point is of reading
them. I hope you disagree with at least some element of what I think; that’s
good and shows you are paying attention! Maybe I will convince you to see
something differently. Either way, tell me what you think by contacting me or
leaving a comment. I promise to consider your argument. This will be easier
for me (therefore you will be more successful) if you’re constructive and
respectful, but it would be a cop-out for me to premise my consideration on
this so it is not strictly required. All of my opinions are subject to
revision and modification upon presentation of evidence and reason. If you
feel the same way, I hope you enjoy this blog and that it helps develop your
perspectives. This is what makes an informed opinion.

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