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Not Dead Yet!

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I missed an entire week and feel bad about it… a lot is going on. If you think progressives don’t do anything other than protest you are seriously mistaken!

This week I will publish another post on Bubbles and specific, fixable ways that some social media sites are making the problem worse. Name and shame, yes, and then propose ways to fix the problems.

I am also working on a state-level tax campaign. Hopefully that will start with a post that helps us renters understand how much they are paying in property tax. This will reveal how levies in initiatives as well as changes in assessed value contribute to rent increases. Spoiler: it’s not (just) your landlord fleecing you.

Next, for tax day, will be a demonstration of just how unfair Washington’s taxes are and what can be done about it. If this state wants to counter the negative impacts of Trump’s agenda, it must be able to raise revenue to pay for new or expanded programs in a way that does not burden the working class and exacerbate the very problems those programs are trying to fix. No one wants hard-working, middle-class Americans’ taxes to go up, yet that’s what keeps happening in this state because there are so few options on who to tax. This is the perfect time to fix that.

In the mean time, if you want some thought-provoking content check out Van Jones’ new show on CNN: The Messy Truth. In comparison, there is nothing else on TV worth watching.

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